Free Car Programs - Fact or Fiction?
You've heard the crazy claims:

Get Paid To Drive!
Drive a Free Car!

The Truth Behind Driving Free Cars

The truth is Free Car Programs definitely do exist. However, they usually don't give away free cars, even if they claim they do. Typically, Free Car Programs will pay you to drive your own car, but you have to have a nice car, and drive a lot of miles, and drive in high traffic areas, and park in locations with high foot-traffic. Moreover, they will require you to "wrap" your car with one of their advertiser's graphics all over it. That's how they make their money. Advertisers pay the Free Car Program and in turn the Free Car Program pays you. More truth be told, even if you're lucky enough to be selected, Free Car Programs will only pay you a lousy hundred dollars per month (if even that). The point is, it's absolutely not worth it even if there is a legitimate Free Car Program out there.

Feedback From Applicants

Moreover, from our experience, we've received feedback from thousands of applicants that claim that the Free Car Program never even got back to them after submitting their application. Therefore, we do not recommend you waste your time or money trying to apply to Free Car Programs.

A Better & Wiser Alternative

Nothing in this world is free. However, there is one decent option for those of you looking for a car to drive immediately. The best option we recommend is purchasing a car discounted up to 95% from its retail value. The way you can do this is by purchasing the car through Government Auctions. Every year, thousands of cars are seized by federal, state, and local agencies such as the Police, IRS, Customs, and DEA. For your convenience, the following websites have compiled a comprehensive database of exactly where these seized vehicles are being sold right this minute. We highly encourage you to become a member with one or both of the recommended websites below, so you can find the perfect car for yourself, and most importantly, at a significantly discounted price.

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